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Participation Opportunities

Become a Technology Ambassador

It’s no secret that older adults are behind the curve when it comes to learning about the Internet, social media, smart phones and other technology gadgets.

The Technology and Aging Coalition -- which includes representatives from San Diego County Aging and Independence Services, the San Diego Futures Foundation, AARP, Aldea Communications, Continuing Education and other organizations -- has surveyed older adults to find out their level of interest in elements of technology and determine the best ways for them to learn more about this important field. The majority of older adults surveyed indicate they are incorporating more technology into their lives, including using online banking, email with family, and cellphones. The majority also say that they would prefer to learn more about technology from peers rather than from younger people.
Members of the coalition are developing a Tech Ambassador training program that would both educate older adults and work with them to train their peers.
  • The training would begin this summer and run for 10 weeks.
  • It will be offered in different regions of the county.
  • Participants would learn how to create a technology-themed training class for others while they learn more about the Internet and technology themselves.
  • After the 10-week session, they will have created at least one class that they can present at libraries, community centers or other settings in their region.
The training program is free and welcomes older adults with at least a basic knowledge of a computer. If you are interested in learning more about the Tech Ambassador training program, contact Mary Prine, (858) 829-9408.