Our Mission: To educate, advocate and focus the debate on the power and promise of big broadband in the United States.
Our Founding Circle

Susan Estrada

Brent Auernheimer

Janice McClintock

Ann O'Beay

Dandin Group

Dr. Steven Corbato

Ed Ward

Global SchoolNet Foundation

Henri Verge du Pont

Julie Van Fleet

Lynn St. Amour

Redwood Technology Consortium

Tim Lance

Tina Nerat

Ann Redelfs

Michael Maranda

FirstMile.US Partner Program

Stand Out From the Crowd
Any organization or individual that wants to demonstrate their commitment to the goals of FirstMile.US is encouraged to become our Partner. Becoming a FirstMile.US Partner makes it easy to give and participate at the same level as your colleagues.

Be Recognized as a Visionary
Joining the FirstMile.US Partner program requires a minimum annual donation to ensure that the important projects of FirstMile.US are funded. Organization or Individual Partner: $25,000 (annual revenues over $1 billion) $10,000 (annual revenues under $1 billion) $1,000 (annual revenues under $1 million) Public Sector Partner: $1000

What your gift will make possible:

  • Building market demand for big broadband services

  • Building public awareness of the importance of big broadband

  • Catalyzing a grass-roots legion of big broadband evangelists nationwide

  • Providing electronic communications via the web to support online collaboration tools such as discussion blogs, resource listings and event locations

  • Hosting face to face meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops to educate and engage thought-leaders and policymakers

  • Providing briefings to help policymakers understand the impact of their policies on the deployment of big broadband

  • Building online toolkits for advocacy, community readiness, and others as needed

  • Educating the public by engaging in other activities related to big broadband issues and concerns

For More Information Please contact Susan Estrada, President at (760)510-8406 ext.1# or via email to set up your partnership or to answer any questions.

Whatever you choose to give is greatly appreciated. If you are not looking for a partnership at this time, please consider a
smaller donation.