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FirstMile.US Appoints National Broadband Leaders Lassner and Nelson to Board

April 16, 2009 Carlsbad, CA. FirstMile.US, a nonprofit focused on providing tools and training needed to drive broadband demand and increase broadband deployment, today announced the appointment of two new board members and the election of its first board chair.  
Steven Corbató, an existing board member, was elected as the Chairman of the Board. David Lassner and Michael Nelson were elected to the board. They join current board members Vinton Cerf, Susan Estrada, Dewayne Hendricks and Lynn St. Amour.

"These appointments exponentially increase FirstMile.US’s strength, brain-trust, and ability to deliver," said Susan Estrada, FirstMile.US president. “Under the leadership of Steve, the board members will help drive our strategic vision to increase the reach of our tools and training -- helping drive big broadband demand and deployment in the United States.”

"For the last four years, FirstMile.US’s grassroots efforts have been focused on tackling the persistent last mile problem,” said Steven Corbató, who directs cyberinfrastructure strategy at the University of Utah and is a former network and technology leader at Internet2. “FirstMile.US is a driving force in spotlighting and linking local initiatives with an eye towards the critical end goal of ubiquitous national broadband. I'm honored to be elected chair at this tipping point for our nation’s broadband strategy and implementation."

Lassner is the statewide University of Hawaii's first Chief Information Officer, past Chair of the Pacific Telecommunications Council and current Chair of the Hawaii Broadband Task Force. "As an island state, Hawaii presents some unique challenges in both first and middle mile connectivity,” commented David. “I look forward to learning and sharing more with FirstMile.US as we work to advance the broadband capabilities of communities throughout our nation to improve health care, education, public safety, civic engagement and economic development for all."

“In my twenty years in the Washington D.C. -- in the Senate, at the White House, at IBM, and now at Georgetown University -- I think we've never been at a more critical time in the evolution of America's Internet infrastructure,” said Michael Nelson. “I'm glad to be able to help FirstMile.US shape the debate at this inflection point in the development of ubiquitous, real broadband across the country.”

About FirstMile.US FirstMile.US is a nationally-focused non-profit. Our goal: Big Broadband Everywhere. Our method: educating, advocating and focusing on the power and promise of big broadband until the FirstMile.US vision—that every member of the American public has access to affordable, big broadband—is achieved.