Our Mission: To educate, advocate and focus the debate on the power and promise of big broadband in the United States.
Our Founding Circle

Susan Estrada

Brent Auernheimer

Janice McClintock

Ann O'Beay

Dandin Group

Dr. Steven Corbato

Ed Ward

Global SchoolNet Foundation

Henri Verge du Pont

Julie Van Fleet

Lynn St. Amour

Redwood Technology Consortium

Tim Lance

Tina Nerat

Ann Redelfs

Michael Maranda

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What is the mission and vision of FirstMile.US?
Our mission: To educate, advocate and focus the debate on the power and promise of big broadband in the United States. Our vision: Every member of the American public has access to big broadband, the 21st century pathway to a better overall quality of life.

What is big broadband?
When we talk about big broadband, we are referring to a variety of broadband connection characteristics that allow great strides in the types of applications used. These include the size of the bandwidth, latency (bottlenecks) as well synchronicity. Most experts agree that we need at least 100 megabits of broadband bandwidth to support the kind of applications we expect in the next five years. Some have even suggested that one gigabit of bandwidth is essential by 2010.

What is FirstMile.US going to do?
Our objective is to build demand for big broadband – creating the “I need that. When can I get it?” attitude. We currently spotlight the following activities, primarily achieved by volunteers:

- Build a state-by-state compendium of big broadband activities

- Show the potential of big broadband applications in our four focus areas– healthcare, business, entertainment, education

- Compile an annual state ranking in big broadband deployment and demand

- Build online toolkits for advocacy, community readiness and others

- Provide quarterly briefings for policy makers

- Catalyze face-to-face meetings in states and communities

- Honor broadband innovators at an annual awards banquet

- Host e-mail discussion lists and blogs

- Host spring and fall conferences plus seminars and workshops

Where does FirstMile.US get its funding?
Founding Circle Drive – Ends September 13. The Founding Circle Drive has key volunteers raise funds through both corporate and individual contributors. Donors are recognized in numerous ways for the valuable role they play in the organization. We anticipate the drive will cover our start-up expenses.
Partner Program – Ongoing. FirstMile.US Partners stand out from the crowd – and show the world that they are visionaries in the big broadband world. Any organization or individual that wants to demonstrate their commitment to the goals of FirstMile.US is encouraged to become our Partner.
Grants – Ongoing. FirstMile.US is pursuing grant opportunities to fund targeted projects as well as the planned activities.

How can I participate in FirstMile.US?
Donate to help us in this startup phase. Every donor who donates before our official launch on September 13, 2005 will be noted in our Founding Circle honor roll. We are also developing a variety of volunteer opportunities. Please visit the participation page for the most current information.

Who can I contact for more information?
For more information, contact Susan Estrada at 760-510-8406 x1# or via the email form.

What is the legal status of FirstMile.US?
FirstMile.US is a public benefit corporation, incorporated in California. We have been granted 501(c)3 status by the IRS.